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Tbh you seem so thirsty for girls like calm down. You be asking girls out like every fucking week. You're mad ugly and not even cute and you sing horrible. Not hating just stating facts and you know I'm right.

how did u know i have been asking girls out every single week...were u one of those girls..??? and when it comes to my singing i know its not good...but i am trying to be better on it...and yes i am UGLY...and I AINT CUTE....So i think u is hating...:))

Ur tashi bff right.. u want him to be with sonam ? asmita ?

why u so desperate to know..and he aint my bff,,,he is my brother from another mother....and tbh its his life and he will choose not me...ask him not ME...:)

What's a popular food you find disgusting?

are there any popular food that is disgusting....oh yea spinach .fuck that shit...


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