Ask @TerryxMasters:

Do you think I should ask her, or just be content with friendship and get over my feelings? Or something else? (That’s the last message by the way, thank you for letting me do this)

Hey, no problem 😌 What I’ve learned, is that 9 times out of 10 situations like these aren’t as bad as they seem. Sometimes stuff just gets in our heads and seeps there for a while making it seem like a bigger problem than actually it is. But even if you have feelings for each other, the one thing best friends can always do is be *real* with one another. To the point where you can stay besties afterwards regardless of what happens, ya know? I would tell her how you feel. I’ve made the mistake of not telling somebody how I felt and they went on to date some pretty terrible people because of it.. I still don’t forgive myself for that. But for you, the worst that can happen is she says she doesn’t feel the same way. And even then, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I believe in you 💪🏻 and in the end I know things will be fine - because a true best friend would never leave your side. 👍🏻

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