Ask @ThanmaiReddy:

like for tbh? 😀What do I call you? 🙉How did we meet? 😏Do I trust you? 😍Are you attractive? 💋Would I kiss you? 🙈Would I hug you? 👻Do I regret meeting you 💕Are you important to me? 😁Have you ever made me smile? 😔Have you ever made me mad? 😛Best memory? 💀Do I see you in my future

like for tbh and best memory!

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like- tbh/ow I'll give you both re ow- lambu💞 tbh- thanu! arey you are so cool man. Our texts are thope af😂 Never knew we would be so close. 2 years of my life wasted with you😂Let's achieve the goals of growing (ifukwim)😂and let's rock in 10th. All I can say is Thanu is love thanu is life😂💞

Huduu! Patli pathii 😹😹 thank you boii😘 Ikr?👻 haha lucky you got a chance to waste ur 2yrs wid me! Asap we will do it 😂 ilysm hudu 😂😘

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