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FUCK EVERYONE!! PEOPLE ARE SO FUCKING MEAN!! FUCK ALL OF YOU. Parker you need to be happy. Fuck Leah you don't need her. You're fan-fucking-tastic

Haha! You're FUCKING awesome! Text me. And I don't "need" anything but I know I want her really bad.

You all are so rude. You know you don't even know the whole story of what happened, so don't judge or assume.

Nice try. No one listens.

Parker, you're a great guy. You deserve to be happy. A lot of people in this world love and care about you. Stay strong and keep smiling. You are amazing :)

Tell me who you are. Cause anons don't care

Parker don't worry about other people want and don't let other people get to you. Keep smiling and do what makes you happy.

:( whoever it is should text me.


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