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You’ve been the love of my life since the day I saw you 15 yrs ago… I always knew. I’m just so bad at expressing it

I don't think I talk to anyone I met 15 years ago... lol

Would you not date someone you were in love with due to family's judgements?

Nah, I've dated whoever I've wanted and it's an issue thats came up, but it's my happiness over their judgements.

Ketchup or mustard ?

ston3dbunni_’s Profile PhotoBunni
Depends what I'm eating... corn dogs with mustard smacks! But also depends which mustard... I love spicy Dijon

Opinions on autistic people?

I think they have brilliant minds and incredible talents. They are very misunderstood and people are very mean and uneducated. They're incredible people

Seriously, just asking... Is it okay if women are fat? Do men want to date fat women?

Women should be comfortable with how they are. Whether they feel comfortable overweight or really skinny, aslong as your comfortable in your own skin someone will love you for it. Love yourself first.

What catches your eye when it comes to a woman??

MeMyselfI5’s Profile PhotoMeMyselfI5
In terms of my fiancé, I would lie if I said not physical appearance, but I always was drawn to a woman that was very genuine, sweet, and confident. I love strong women in my life. Sadly a lot of men find that very intimidating, but it's actually necessary.

Do you think dating a person with a kid is okay or wrong in your mind

I think my opinion should not matter in a situation that does not involve me or affect my life. That would be judging... but I do believe people can love whoever they want. That's someone else decision to make for themselves.

How do you feel about your ex?

I feel like that person helped me learn a lot about myself. They were there through some of the hardest moments of my life. It wasn't the healthiest relationship, but the friendship behind it is what I think sucked the most losing. I wish her nothing but the best in life. Everyone finds the right person at the right time. I hope she finds the person that makes her feel lucky, like I did.🤍

I haven’t moved on just yet.. will you forgive me for any pain I caused you? You have my heart even though you don’t know me… I know I said I was done and said my goodbye, but I just can’t forget these feelings. I just wish for you to be happy, always. I will love you always. 🥺💜

Not sure who this is, maybe I just didn't care enough to hurt that bad... sorry. But I am very forgiving and forgetful and happy. Thank you. Love yourself instead

Do you think mental abuse is worse than physical abuse or physical abuse is worse than mental abuse?

They are equally harmful and equally disgusting and unacceptable


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