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What is love?

I always get asked this question a lot but I always respond with 'idk' or something because I doubt they'll want to go on listening to me explain everything. But, it's and one can simply scroll past this. Besides, there is no answer to that question anyway. (In my opinion of course). There are billions of people in this world. And that means, billions of perspectives of what love can mean to them. Instead, ask them what they THINK love is and the conversation can fly off on a tangent or be really simplistic. Ask a homeless man, and love could be something meaningful. Ask a bunch of teenage girls, and love will probably be some quote off of tumblr. (Im kidding) and yes, there are girls that speak from their heart and I realize not many guys know that. (screw y'all). Ask a guy, no seriously, ask a guy. I haven't asked a guy what they think love is. But you never know, their response could blow you away. Ask the dictionary, and you'll get around 30 definitions made by one or more human beings out there just like you. Ask a 3 year old, and love could be a crayon drawing of a heart. Ask a psychologist, and love can be a scientific explanation based on actual feelings. I'm just saying, it's all about perspective. We got romantics and the more logical or open minded people here and there. People who listen to a lot of music, people who just got into a relationship, people who just broke up, etc. I, myself, admire love because of all this. I like the different point of views. What love CAN be. That's just me tho. If you ask me how I perceive love, that's a different story. Just sayin.
lol. did I really just go that deep
high five if you read all that

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