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So I just randomly write something and people answer? Fill me in lol

Yeah. I just joined yesterday so it was confusing. You ask and it sends it to a bunch of people and everything you say is posted to your wall like Facebook posts

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Did you get my message?

Did you just ask many random people if they got a message you didn't send to them? That's silly 🤣😅

thoughts on dating your coworker?

If it's consensual and doesn't cause problems at work I don't see the problem

I need you I submit I’m sorry I have been crying like a baby everytime I get lonely please don’t give birth with out me I haven’t changed yet but I promise I will do everything and anything to fix this trice please member I’m Mr make it happen please don’t leave me I love you and the boys and need

Whoa. I'm sorry your so upset. If you need to talk I'm here to listen human to human. I hope your able to calm down and get your Chance to mend your family.

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"I hope you get what you deserve." If someone said that to you, would you think they are being nice or being rude?

Depends on the context and our history

Can you imagine being so old, ignorant and bitter that you argue with people less than half your age?

Arguing about what?

So what do you prefer? Ladies would you rather a blue collar or white collar man and Men would you rather a homemaker or working woman?

It depends. I like a driven man with a good work ethic that's fun to talk too, but thier collars collar isn't really the deciding factor in that.


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