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Hello, I wanted to ask for your help. Some of you have that overlay that is a kind floating lines? I can not even explain how is, I am desperately looking for

felipeproductions’s Profile PhotoCLOSED.
If you can give me a link of a video where it is in I could try to help

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If you could spend one day with someone you would love to meet, who would that be? :)

Chris Wood :) He's coming to Germany this year I hope I will take the chance :)
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How did you do the texts in your "Secret of the Gemini Coven" vid please ? ❤

I downloaded a template for sony vegas from ravenprodesign on youtube<3

Hi sweetie, are you going to upload the pack for the Dollhouse Contest round 2 anytime soon ? ❤

ClaraaaTW’s Profile Photochrysaaha
I did honey , I send everyone a dm the day after I uploaded the video with the results ♥

THAT'S CHEATING!! You left out 3 facts, so now you have to tell me your 5 favorite things about Kai. (Well that should be easy, right?)

PetrovaArmy’s Profile PhotoJessica
1. He's good looking ( I mean yummy , eye candy , delicious *_*)
2. He has a sexy voice :D
3. I like his style of clothes , makes him look smart ;)
4. Hi's character is truly awesome! Badass but caring in one:)
5. Defently all things he says xD He's to funny!:D

qotd; Sleepover with 7 of your favorite Characters (don't worry, they're all alive). Who would you choose? + important question; What do you think would happen?

Characters: Kai Parker (TVD) Bellamy Blake ( The100) Barry Allen (TF) Bonnie Bennet (TVD) Jasper (The100) Stiles Stilinski (TW) Isaac Lahey ( TW)
plot: (First of all yeah I know 6 males , ahaha but In real life I really spend more time with male friends than with females xD)
We all would defently watch a movie & eat popcorn. Then we would drink a lot of alcohol and play truth or dare. We all would defently have to kiss each other and since were pretty drunk ever boys with boys xD
Then Kai would take dare & I would close him up with Bonnie in a room and they have to make up xD
End of the story :D
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Your question made me think about 5 facts for 15 minutes straight, so now 10 FACTS ABOUT YOU (Hehe) <3 :D

PetrovaArmy’s Profile PhotoJessica
ahahah oki doki!:D
1. My eyes sometimes change the color (normaly I have grey/blue eyes / sometimes green)
2. I love taking selfies
3. I love talking to you about KAI *___*
5. I like jogging ( I know that's not normal) xD
6. I'm sick right now :(
8. I forgot fact 7
9. you checked if I did xD
10. I don'T watch The Originals , but I love the music they use :P
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