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If "Mother' means "World" then what about "Father"?

mukudada’s Profile PhotoAshraful Muku
it depends on your perspective. i see people all the time prioritising one of their parent than other. i found these things super cringe. i dont think those emotional comments towerd someones parents or any one else helps to develop a healthy relationship. if you love your parents then prove it by doing something rather than bragging about it. we all know that 'all that glitters is not gold'

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Do you believe; Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change?

mukudada’s Profile PhotoAshraful Muku
you cant define someone wise or stupid by judging by ony one act or subject .not all people have knowledge about everything happening on world. some knows more and some knows less . but that does not predicts who they are. as an example if you tell a physicist to make pottery, he will not be abole to do so same goes for the person who does pottery. so the point im trying to make is there is no such thing as stupid or wise people there are just experts and non experts

What celebrity pair would make an ideal couple?

i think jeidenanimation(Jaiden) and theodd1sout(james) would make a perfect couple. im not actually sure if they are couple or not. you may argue that youtubers are not actual celebrity but i would like to inform you that YouTube is almost like a mainstream media and whoever is famous on YouTube, is famous in real life so yes they are celebrities so treat them like what they deserve

Follow your heart but take your brain with you. what's your opinion about it?

mukudada’s Profile PhotoAshraful Muku
human body doesn't run exclusively by brain neither by heart, its the combination of all the organs of our body that pumps us to do the next thing. dont get me wrong i know what people mean by 'follow your heart...' , it means do whatever makes you feel good. but in my opinion,i think people should not "follow their heart" because there is so mamy practises in the world and some of them might not satisfy you, but that doesn't mean you should totally avoid that particular practice. no! you should try every single thing that come at you while you are growing as a human. and doing those things which doesn't setisfy your heart makes your life more meaningful than before

একটি প্রেরণাদায়ী উক্তি অথবা বাক্য মানুষের জীবনকে উন্নত বা পরিবর্তিত করতে পারে-এটি কি সমর্থনযোগ্য?

SaifulIslamIvan’s Profile PhotoSaiful Islam Ivan
হা এবং না, এই সকল বাক্য বা উক্তি সুধু কিছু মুহুরতের জন্য মস্তিস্কে dopamine hormone নিসসরন করে, যার ফলে কিছু সময় এর জন্য মানুষ productive vibes উপলদ্ধি করে। অর্থাৎ long run এর ক্ষেত্রে এইসকল বাক্য বা উক্তি কাজে লাগে না


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