Ask @TheAshleyGrace:

A short relay: A daughter?or a son?? Cola?or Fanta?? By air✈or by land?? Mind?or beauty?? Apartment?or house?? Black◼or white◻? Strawberry?or banana?? Whale?or dolphins?? Анgel?or demon?? Sunny?☀or cloudy☁☔? Pass on to everyone you are following murr

Daughter. Cola. Air. Mind. House. Black. Strawberry. Dolphin. Demon. Sunny.

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What does true friendship mean to you?

It means that you and your friends get along with each other despite differences and accept that you both may have different views and don’t let that take a hit on your friendship. It means being there for each other and helping build each other up no matter what. It means not betraying, lying or faking anything to each other and just being real, even if it might hurt the other person.

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