Ask @TheBigFluffy996:

What is your type of person you prefer to be your future spouse 🚶

I don’t really have a type. I’m attracted to a lot of different physical characteristics. However, a huge requirement is that they need to be kind. Not only to me, but to themselves and others. Other than that all I ask for is honesty, loyalty, and effort.

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Which one would you rather have .. a lifetime of nightmares evey night or a lifetime of it being almost impossible to even fall asleep no matter how tired you are?

I’d rather have the nightmares. At least I would be getting sleep. Lack of sleep is extremely dangerous.
Plus, I tend to have lucid dreams where I have control over them. So i could find a way of coping with that.

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when you are in a relationship do you often get annoyed?

Not really. If my girlfriend had something on her mind or wanted more of my attention or anything else that my cause an issue, I find that talking about it often helps relieve any tension. There is always a solution as long as both people are willing to communicate about it. That and I’m usually attentive to my significant others needs. If the person I was dating wanted more time with me I would try my best to make it happen. If they want to know where I am and what I’m doing then I would tell them, it’s not like I have anything to hide. But that goes both ways. I do get annoyed when I feel like I’m being ignored. That gets under my skin.

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