I have a Visa Credit Card, that is about 15 months old. The balance is at $0. However, I want to put your advice to work to increase my credit score by 100 points. But I want to close this account and switch to a card that allows me to earn points or rewards. Should I switch? Or stay put?

Hey Credit Stay or Go!
Great question. The length of your credit history accounts for 15% of your score. The credit reporting agencies take an average of how long you've had your credit and divide it by the number of creditors you have.
This means that closing a credit card and opening a new one will lower your average. Buuuuuuut if you can find an AWSOME card with great rewards it maybe worth it to switch since the Visa is only 15 months old.
An alternative: Keep both cards and charge a very small amount (automatically) to both each month and pay them off automatically via your bank's online bill-pay. You'll see your score jump up even faster than with one card. The key is to leave the cards at home and not to physically use them. Instead, let them be charged and paid off in an automatic cycle.
Reminder: Always keep your oldest credit card open and active. It will help to balance out your length of credit history.

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