Hi, I have a question. I love the idea of taking one months income, and paying the next months bills. How do I convert to that though? I mean, if, for example, right now we are in April. I still have to pay April's bills, so how would I make that transition? Please help!

Hi "Pre-Pay Bills"!
There are a few ways to get yourself in the position to use this month's income, to pay next month's bills. No of them are magic, but they are worth it.
Here they are:
• Use your tax refund check. As tax season approaches, make up your mind to use your money wisely. You now know how much half a month’s worth of bills costs you. If you get a refund, pay those bills off! That way, you can stash your upcoming check to pay for the next half of the month’s bills. Voila!
Sidenote: If you are receiving a very large refund every year, you are giving the government an interest free loan. Ask your HR department about how you can receive a larger pay check now, verses a larger refund later.
• There is a little known perk for us folks who get paid bi-weekly. Twice a year, usually in the fall and summer, we get three checks in a month. I know you’re smiling while reading this, if this happens to you. I suggest that you use the extra check during those months to turbo boost your budget. Pay bills ahead of time and put yourself half a month ahead.
• Lastly, yet a little less glamorous and expedient. Save up some of your savings and pre-pay your bills that way.
Keep me updated with your progress!
The Budgetnista

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