Hi Tiffany, Now that my modification has been approved how can I increase my credit score. I have the mortgage and a student loan on my credit rpt only. I'm not able to pay either one in full. I'm current on my SL. My score is to low for a reg CC.

Hey "Modification Approved"!
One of the easiest and fastest ways to raise your credit score is with a credit card.
The trick is HOW you use your credit card.
Here's The Budgetnista's How to Quickly Raise Your Score with a Credit Card Plan.
1) Go to your bank as ask to apply for a secured credit card. A secured card is easier to be approved for because it's a credit card that is issued at no risk to the creditor because you leave a deposit with them, and that deposit is your credit limit. If you can't get a regular card, it's a great way to build credit.
You also want to make sure that the bank that issues your card:
b) reports to the credit bureaus (this way you raise your score while using the card)
c) gives you an opportunity to earn a non-secured card (a regular credit card) with your bank, after paying on time for 3-6 months.
2) Automate the use of the card. Do this by placing a small automatic payment on the card each month (ie: magazine subscription, gym membership, phone bill). That bill should be the ONLY thing your secured card is used for. Then, sign-up for automatic, bill-pay at your bank (this is a free service), and instruct the bank to send the full payment of your bill, from your checking account to your secured card every month. This will create a payment loop effect that eliminates the flawed human element….you. I suggest you leave your secured card at home and allow the loop to work for you without interference.
3) Pay off your balance every month: Something magically happens when you pay a debt off in full each month. Your credit score does a happy-dance and jumps up. It doesn’t matter if the debt you paid off was $5000 or $5, same happy dance occurs. You can encourage your credit score to do a happy dance 12 times a year, by paying off your secured credit card in full every month.
Your credit score will be happy-dancing like crazy in no time! :)
Please keep me updated about your progress.
The Budgetnista

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