Which bank is BETTER for my son to open his account with? He is between jobs and every penny he could save counts. I always remember the story about the bike (You are Wonderful!!!) Wishing you the best adventures for this wonderful season.

Hi "A Better Bank"!
Which bank is beter? It depends. What does your son need the bank to do for him?
1) Checking
2) Savings
3) Investing
If this is his first account, I would look for a bank convenient to where he lives. I would also look for a bank where he can avoid fees.
Here's a great site where you can input your zip code and find the best bank for you:
Also, I just launched a free resource to help women gain control of their money in 36 days. You can sign-up here: http://www.livericherchallenge.com/
Live richer,
The Budgetnista

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