Hello, My husband and i are cleaning our credit, but scores are good but we have a lot of credit card debt(approx. 17000) and we bring home (approx.7000). We are now interested in opening roth iras and we" re unsure who and how much to invest in. Do you have any recommendations on starting.

Great question!
Answer: It depends. Are you saving for retirement via any other investment vehicle? Example: 401k, pension, 403b etc. Ideally you and your husband want to be setting aside 10% (or more) of your TOTAL income (before deductions and taxes), toward retirement.
Figure out what percentage you're currently setting aside and use your IRA to close the gap to 10% . If that's too much, set aside what you can comfortably and increase it by 1% every 6-months until you hit 10% of your total income.
Does this help? I hope so. :)
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