Hi Tiffany !Once you pay off a credit card or a loan. Would you reward your self any leisure money or just place more of your money on another card you want to pay off as well?

Heeeeey! Great question.
Rewarding yourself is essential to maintaining your financial discipline. BUT, I challenge you to build your "reward" money into your budget. (more about that later)
This is how I would handle my debt: Roll over the money you were paying to the 'paid-off loan', onto the payment you're paying a current loan.
Let's say you were paying $300 to a car that's now paid off. I would add that $300 to the next debt on your list. If the next debt is a credit card that you usually pay $100/month, now give it the old car payment too ($300). You're use to paying it, so you won't miss it. Now your credit card will get $400 ($300 car payment + $100 credit card payment)
Once the credit card is paid off, roll over the $400 to the next debt. Keep doing this until your debt free.
Back to rewarding yourself....
Include reward money into your budget like a bill. I set aside a percentage of my income for travel (that's my reward). You may want to set aside a specific amount each pay period to a savings account as a reward. When you collect enough money for what you want, splurge without guilt.
Live richer,
The Budgetnista
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