Ask @TheDazzy:

could you maybe tell me the name of your osu mania skin? if its not private

The name of the skin is "A Dazzy skin!"
I made and/or edited everything except the mania skin itself!
Someone very nice made it for me when I was in hospital recovering from my apendicitis 2 years ago, still means a lot to me!
Anyways, the skin is not super secret and "I WILL NEVER SHARE!" wont happend, however one should always give credits where credits belong!
Here is a link to my skin (unless it's a broken link.).

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You get to spend a day with your waifu, a whole 24 hours where she's real, but you have to give up a limb, of your choice, afterwards. How will you spend it and what limb would it be? You can also choose to wrestle a JoJo with no downside.

oh that day we would go to a ********* and have some ****** before we get some **** and skipping all sleep with ********.
After being at ********* we go to **** and make some delicious ******* and enjoying each others company for the rest of the day! (Secret plans only for me & waifu! <3)
And I would sacrefice my little toe. If I knew what "a JoJo" I would be more likely to pick that I guess.

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