Ask @TheDirtQueen:

How much honor did you have in rdr2? I'm trying to make all the good choices and help the homeless but then I lose honor for stealing stagecoaches and robbing people. Also it sucks that you lose honor for killing bounty hunters. They started it

I always kept my honor high. Don't worry about the little slip ups. There's enough side missions and random events that help you build your honor back up if you do the right thing.

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Do Americans think US is an ally of India or Pakistan? In the past, US has supported Pak but now it's leaning towards Ind based on terrorist suspicions toward Pak & trade benefits with Ind. Was wondering what the general population thinks (assuming they've even given this a thought)

I think we all assume India to be an ally, we haven't bombed, invaded or nuked you yet, as far as I know. I don't know shit about US-Pakistan relations.

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Do you think a leader/president of a powerful country has to be feared or is the country’s power enough? I mean the US and Russia are the strongest 2 countries in the world but one leader is a worldwide joke and the other is feared (mostly, he’s not a joke like Trump)

Respect our authority or get Hiroshima'd is how I think we've maintained our status as the most powerful country in the world.

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