Ask @TheFrolloShow:

Do you still watch Nostalgia Critic?

His most recent ep I saw was Rubber. Haven't seen another since then... dunno... I feel its mainly because his one-episode-a-week format gives his show a mass produced, pragmatic taste that doesn't reel me in.
Specially when I know he returned because Demo Reel didn't get past the demo stage, and every new episode now starts with "this episode is brought to you by"... I can't shake off this "he's doing it for the money" feeling.
I sincerely regret I feel that way.

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How would you compare these custom Simpsons edited videos to some type of video that you created?

Definitely not the same type of craft, for it mostly leaves the animation in the clips as it is.
But the recontextualization is there: it takes scenes that are meant to build up into something more light hearted, but by themselves proved effective to build straight up tragedy.

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¿Hay algo que comenzaste a disfrutar irónicamente pero empezó a gustarte genuinamente?

Aitor Molina
Youtubepoop y Anime. He dejado atrás la percepción de la opinión pública y ahora los aprecio a mi manera.
Si solo viera al Anime como shounen/fanservice sería ciego a la maravillosa deconstrucción de géneros en Evangelion y Madoka.
Si solo viera al Youtubepoop como shitposting intrascendente no habría tenido ese impulso inicial para de verdad entrarle a la edición.
Ambos los veo como subgéneros muy específicos (YTP en la Edición de vídeos, Anime en la Animación) conteniendo obras que no deberían ser juzgadas meramente por la reputación de la corriente a la que pertenecen.

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Disney announced a Hunchback from Notre Dame remake. How do you think they will fuck it up and what would you do instead?

Aitor Molina
I think they'll fuck up this chance to give us a Quasimodo whose gargoyle friends are without a doubt implied to be imaginary.
Instead I'd hold on to that chance like Frollo held to a piece of cloth. I'd work from Disney's approach to the gargoyles, even making them "help in the final fight", but with subtle yet not missable hints that they're in Quasimodo's head.

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How do you feel about the message behind this video?

It suggests a nice vision for the future, but something's off for me when it only asks how the news/social media platforms/big companies can change... as if their grip over people is so tight that the only question left is where to lead them.
Instead of asking how this message can change companies, lets ask how it can change us.

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When ordering the $50 package on your Fiverr, is there a certain limitation that you won't do?

If you're talking about Make your Image Move, that package gets you 80 components. Won't say its limitless because I've reached to 100 in some projects, but there's a lot I can do with that number. I'd just need a pitch and I'll calculate how many components it needs.
Though thanks for reminding me about Fiverr, I'm putting it on vacation mode for a bit, chincherrinas will need the time.

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