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What if I told you the game is completely stand-alone and just uses the gameplay and some extras from Undertale?

Aitor Molina
That's actually something I read about the game and liked. The fact that he's not using Sans just because fanservice, means that Toby has a story and world building that he values... a vision that he'll show despite causing friction.
I'm just not in a hurry to play it because personally I liked Undertale as that one timeline that enthralls you yet are doomed to never escape, leaving you with no option but killing lovable characters to get more content. The sole existence of a sequel subverts that feeling of restricted omnipotence. Now if you want more content, but can't stand killing lovable characters, just crank that sequel! But aside from that, the new playstyle looks interesting and its nice that its trying new things.

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+1 answer in: “Have you played Delta rune ?”

You seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet?

Billy Slaven
The script is weak, for example a character that is important in the final scene is given like 5 minutes of overall screen time. But the scenes with the songs have great selections of shots, for example the panning of stomping feet during We will Rock you.
The scene with Mike Myers played the "producer is bad" character to such an extreme that I found it genuinely funny.
The scene where Freddy got tense during press conference followed by the "I want to break free" video was a good touch. It was an appreciated instance of the movie following a theme. The execution could've had more effort though, the press scene just cuts to the video dry.
Finally, I think it was extremely weak that Freddie's death was just shrugged off with exposition text at the end, and that "Show must go on" was just an end credits song. They could've done something excellent implementing both in the actual movie.

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Beside the "free for a limited time" thing, what do you think of the inclusion of this character ?

That the inclusion of such a secondary Mario character shouldn't happen outside of Mario Party/Mario Tennis. But hey, the fact that its too baffling its what making us talk and "meme" so much about it. Wouldn't surprise me if this inclusion was an intentional "Rage n Engage" tactic, so yeah to not feed it further this is the last I'll talk about the subject.

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How do you define YTP as opposed to memes?

"We're not so different, you and I"
I don't see much difference in them, actually. They're both names used to identify the same thing: independently edited internet videos. If I had released "Bart Challenges Homer to a 1 on 1" or "Palpatine Speedrun" in 2010... aside from the references still being understandable... they wouldh've been referred to as ytp's. But no, this is 2018, and if you see in the comments they're being identified as memes.
If you compare "meme" and "ytp" in google trends, you'll see that meme really didn't start taking off until 2011.
The one important difference I see between the both is measured in time and relevance.
"Meme" is mainly used to identify images with text (like the austin powers one I'm using right now) but the word has become so popular, that independently edited internet videos have fallen to its meaning by merely being "funny internet stuff".
Since these edits are a craft I've grown fond of, I see more in them beyond "funny internet stuff".

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What do you think of this video ?

The opening scene had good transitions between well chosen sources. Both dio and giorno having car scenes made things seamless.
And while Dio suddenly turning purplish in the McDonald's scenes bothered me, the masking was clean. Comparing it to other maskings I've seen that don't cut out the background properly, this was nice to watch.

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