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How do you feel about the message behind this video?

It suggests a nice vision for the future, but something's off for me when it only asks how the news/social media platforms/big companies can change... as if their grip over people is so tight that the only question left is where to lead them.
Instead of asking how this message can change companies, lets ask how it can change us.

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When ordering the $50 package on your Fiverr, is there a certain limitation that you won't do?

If you're talking about Make your Image Move, that package gets you 80 components. Won't say its limitless because I've reached to 100 in some projects, but there's a lot I can do with that number. I'd just need a pitch and I'll calculate how many components it needs.
Though thanks for reminding me about Fiverr, I'm putting it on vacation mode for a bit, chincherrinas will need the time.

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What side are you on about the new Lion King Movie about it technically not being Live Action, due to everything being CGI?

Adam Powell
Yeah, its shameless that they're calling that live action. But what did it for me was that the trailer gave the impression that its going to be "what you already liked, IN 3D!" too much of a safe bet to reel me in.
And that part were they name-dropped their famous actors, 15 full seconds eaten by the text and black background format, just communicated laziness to me. I'd rather watch detective pikachu.

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What if I told you the game is completely stand-alone and just uses the gameplay and some extras from Undertale?

Aitor Molina
That's actually something I read about the game and liked. The fact that he's not using Sans just because fanservice, means that Toby has a story and world building that he values... a vision that he'll show despite causing friction.
I'm just not in a hurry to play it because personally I liked Undertale as that one timeline that enthralls you yet are doomed to never escape, leaving you with no option but killing lovable characters to get more content. The sole existence of a sequel subverts that feeling of restricted omnipotence. Now if you want more content, but can't stand killing lovable characters, just crank that sequel! But aside from that, the new playstyle looks interesting and its nice that its trying new things.

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