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Tommy Wiseau returned as The Joker to recreate The Dark Knight scene, thoughts on it? An Extra Question is do you plan to have Joker Tommy Wiseau as an alt skin for Smash Bros Lawl?

I appreciate:
- the opportunity for a bat-shit crazy Wiseau (why don't we have more of that?)
- that funds are still going to the Tommy 4 Joker campaign, which I legit hope makes an impact on theaters
- the advertisement at the end
- Batmark Rises

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Whenever you list every lawl character in order of appearance (lawl bits roulette, facebook character grading...), The King is placed before IM Meen, is there a reason for that ?

The King appeared ever since IM Meen's moveset (when showcasing IM Meen's Final Smash). They're both the first lawl fighters, and The King is the The King... the Mario to YTP's Nintendo, if you will.

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On the topic of powerscaling, where would you say Frollo (the TFS variant, of course) stands in comparison to the DC, Marvel, and anime universes and whatnot?

John Mitchell
It depends alot. Just like Goku gets progressively stronger in DBZ: Frollo, in his first battle against Hitler, has to charge for a while to shoot a lil fireball, when in later episodes he's shooting that same fireball with one hand. The later the Frollo, the better his matchup.
Then there's also circunstance. In Frollo is Too Young, he gets a surprise raid by Yzma and Kronk. Not knowing what's going on, he's clumsy and gets beat by the elderly scientist. Then in Gets Flashed, he starts losing against Armored Gunsche. But as soon as he taunts Panty, Frollo goes NO and releases the fire, surprising Gunsche... who then adapts to the situation though. Likewise Late Frollo would need a cause to surprise someone like Cap America, and Batman with no prep would get toast.
Then there's also his fire resistance. He can withstand charging Bleemo up to a mini sun, so he'd have a favorable matchup against the likes of Human Torch and Muhammad Avdol. He can't get too cocky though. Overconfident Frollo tends to do mistakes like (Too Young) giving Yzma an open chance to slap him and (Finally Does It) get caught by the Wilford Octopus.
Now turn that taunting Panty thing up to eleven, and you get Sayian Frollo, the pic of this post. Only a literal God can stop him. Doesn't mean he can't make mistakes, though...

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Do you blame Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen for the prequels' bad reputation?

I blame no one because in the end (even if the internet helped) I like the prequels.
But if we're talking about what made them bad, I wouldn't lay it on the actors. I say it was because the director was giving us what he wanted, but not what the people wanted.
So, not only do I like the "dank memes", but I also like how we can appreciate different visions of one world. Trilogy IV-VI had this world filtered by movie makers that could better focus on what the people wanted. Then Trilogy I-III finally gives us an unfiltered look, and we know the results.
Star Wars had movies in the first place because the idea of the world was interesting. But I-III is evidence that an interesting world by itself, working as it would, might not make it. Both trilogies are a good chance to study what elements do we want from the "interesting world" and "well crafted movie" factors.

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