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I never really thought about it but since Get Flashed you never tried to hide Wilford's plot twist (with youtube banner and social media's avatar) aren't you worried that new viewers might be too spoiled by entering your channel ?

New viewers won't interpret whats going on in those images.

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Did your rotoscoping of the Nostalgia Critic not render properly during his moveset? If so, how did you improve on that for future videos.

That was a long time ago, gets me nostalgic. Back then I edited my vids without REALLY looking at what I was editing in the video preview window: I kept it small and at a low quality setting, making me miss details.
Most importantly, many of Critic's animations where with masked video files. I rarely do that anymore.
Not to mention that it was one of those early movesets where I still slapped characters on top of Brawl video footage.

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Some people really dislike when a character in Lawl doesn't speak English and try to justify complains that sound dumb or even racist. Had it happened to you and which are the worst or funniest?

Aitor Molina
On the contrary, I have liked Don Ramon and Maussan's reception, and Carlos' hate doesn't seem to me as nationality-driven.

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Do you think Rick actually cares for Morty?

Knowing all that he knows about the universe, I think that he can't help it but behave cynically towards any human being (even himself, see his kill count with the council of Ricks).
But given his standards, I'd say he actually cares for Morty. The room where he stores all of Morty's traumatic memories is proof of how much time and effort he's willing to give for one Morty given that there are thousands of them.

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With all the memes that came and went, what made you want to do a Steamed Hams one and not address the others in the past?

It presents a fun challenge: do whatever with 2 minutes and a half of golden age simpsons.
Plus with The Frollo Show and Smash Bros Lawl's recent eps it was a specifically good moment to try something new.
Planets did had to align.

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