Ask @TheFrolloShow:

Do you believe actors should be allowed to play characters that are different from who they are?

Well if in this hypothetical scenario, you think that the actor "is different from the role" because of a failed audition, then no, don't give him/her the part. Though if this is a prejudice with no auditions, then I'd advice not to rush to conclusions.

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What would you like to see in the unavoidable Hunchback of Notre Dame live-action remake?

Aitor Molina
MAKE THE GARGOYLES NOT REAL. MAKE A LIVE ACTION HELL FIRE. Besides that... just... don't majorly screw up the other things. Like Gaston's live-action time to shine having... that thing with lefou in it. Just so people can say " : o tolerance!"

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The ending to Friends Story left me somewhat confused as to your plans for the next episode. Are you scrapping Wilford's Story in favour of skipping straight ahead to the Last Story, or will you still cover some of Wilford's perspective in the Last Story?

Everything ends. Wilford story just learned it the hard way. Last Story is no stranger to that.

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If Doug Walker had quit Channel Awesome when given the opportunity, do you think that would have fixed his image a bit as a person?

A bit. But he chose to lose respect from some viewers that knew of the scandal, in favor of not mentioning the scandal. No matter how he addressed it, simply mentioning it wouldh've been throwing gas to the fire.

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