Ask @TheFrolloShow:

Why do you hate the Yume Nikki game?

While the original Yume Nikki was about roaming worlds and getting sucked into the atmosphere, Dream Diary reduces worlds I love (ej. the mall, the pier, murals world) into compact claustrophobic video game levels (not worlds, video game levels) where the focus is on getting some puzzle done.
and that's just one reason

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Is there anything that you want to accomplish with your videos that you don't think you have the skills for yet?

With the large amount of media that is out there for the download, anything is possible. Only question is if the segment will take a lot of time to be done. Under this spectrum of anything is possible, one short piece of animation can take up to, say, a whole month.

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Why did you take away the thumbnails for the Bores Reviews videos?

Thought that the previous ones gave the impression that the vid would be a voice review with still images all throughout.
With a freeze frame of Bores and Best Herc doing something, its more likely for passers-by to expect the animation that it actually has.

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