How would you recommend explaining The Frollo Show to friends and family? I want to tell others about it, but I don't know how to persuade them.

The Frollo Show is a "collage" where characters from diverse series, movies, games are taken from their separate contexts to a whole new one.
This technique is like an "Inverse Tarantino". Quentin takes already existing shots and contexts, and puts new characters in them. The Frollo Show takes already existing characters, and puts them in new shots and contexts.
To compensate the use of already existing characters, all of the originality goes to the context. That originality also goes to the personality of the characters. In the end, the only already existing thing that's used from them, is their appearance. The most notable example being that of Frollo. Frollo is a villain in Hunback, and a hero in The Frollo Show. He is given another identity.
If you delve into that identity deep enough, that's when you realize that there's no "real" Frollo. We can view Frollo with any identity of our choosing. The identity that has done the most for us, is the one we typically end up choosing.
Ok that's all... you could compress the big idea into fewer words if you see it more convenient ,XD

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