A frined of mine claims that the Frollo Show is a youtube poop due to not having "anything original". What would you say to him?

The "anything original" bit is highly questionable. The plot is original, character traits like Heroic Frollo and Villainous Wilford are original proposals. An example of an unoriginal scene: Frollo and Gaston reenacting the Over Nine Thousand meme. An example of an original scene: one of the most powerful villains in the series, under command of the future Big Bad, crushing the skull of a young girl hero's best friend... right in front of her. The young girl attacks in a roaring act of revenge, throwing the villain off a window. Despite all that, the villain brutally murders the girl. While another girl who has friends with her watches, something the future Big Bad wanted to fuel his plans!
About the "is a youtube poop" bit... Youtubepoop can be defined by:
1. The techniques and procedures that make up its definition. Remixes of pre-existing media to create something new.
2. Impression of the audience.
Number 1 is an argument to call TFS a YTP, as those techniques are used.
Number 2 can be an argument not to call it as such. Youtubepoop projects give a collective impression that they use a certain collection of sources, with quick jokes and straightforward trolling being main things. The Frollo Show YTP Era (episodes 1-5) just uses Yume Nikki as a defying source, solves major things with jokes (EGG Blaster), and explains a major plot element in one hard to pause frame (Hitler survived the fall).
Later on the show further defies the certain collection of sources, jokes aren't the main thing to communicate, and the plot is not harder to understand because trolling.

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