Do you think Lawl should be all about fan service?

Lawl's slogan is: Make your own roster.
When you make your own Lawl, you're providing more than the moveset of a character. You're also providing your ideas and video making style... and knowledge! The same way I use Yume Nikki and Chavo del Ocho, other Lawlers also use obscure and national sources out of love, showing people that there's more to see out there! When I say "your own roster", I'm also talking about these last things.
For a Lawl to get better, the creator of course plays a much greater role than the character roster. Focusing on fan service MAY corrupt the creator's video making style and willingness to elaborate ideas. Making said Lawl worse. But who knows, if embraced and used properly by a Lawler with an already good video making style, it may lead to more views which give more willingness to elaborate ideas.
So Lawl could be about fan service, but it should be about the creators.

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