What is your opinion on the whole Channel Awesome #changethechannel fiasco?

Makes me miss those simpler times where I was first knowing about Nostalgia Critic from his feud with the Angry Video Game Nerd. His Bebe's Kids review was my first impression of him, and the rest is history.
Anyways, I read the whole infamous document. "Here lies Channel Awesome's bloody history of greed and hatred." Tbh I never saw any other CA reviewer aside from Phelous, so it was their time to shine XD. I did think some of them where overreacting, specially several in the fans document, but needless to say, others presented cases of legit mistreat, and others where just terrible. And as a side note it was depressing to read that Critic's IP belongs to someone else.
That apology letter from CA made things worse, "I'm sorry you feel that way" is just jaw dropping. I hope they soon do better than that, if they stay silent it won't be quite the same. But to be blunt, I can separate the Nostalgia Critic from Doug Walker just fine. My watching of his vids is another thing. I didn't see the woodpecker review, but not because of this, because Rebeltaxi did it first and quite recently.

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