Do you blame Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen for the prequels' bad reputation?

I blame no one because in the end (even if the internet helped) I like the prequels.
But if we're talking about what made them bad, I wouldn't lay it on the actors. I say it was because the director was giving us what he wanted, but not what the people wanted.
So, not only do I like the "dank memes", but I also like how we can appreciate different visions of one world. Trilogy IV-VI had this world filtered by movie makers that could better focus on what the people wanted. Then Trilogy I-III finally gives us an unfiltered look, and we know the results.
Star Wars had movies in the first place because the idea of the world was interesting. But I-III is evidence that an interesting world by itself, working as it would, might not make it. Both trilogies are a good chance to study what elements do we want from the "interesting world" and "well crafted movie" factors.

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