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If Frollo gets the live-action treatment like Maleficent or Jungle Book, what would you like to see?

Aitor Molina
Certainly not the Maleficient approach of "We are focusing on the villain are we original or what!?" just to see her go through hardships that don't make a villain at all.
If Frollo also gets his own movie, I'd like to see one that takes notes from Breaking Bad. We see how Walter White becomes Heisenberg. In a similar way, I'd like to see how Frollo becomes into a public official with manpower to do even the most personal deeds. Yet I wouldn't want it as a full-on character origin movie. I also want screen time, plenty of it, for public official Frollo. How he gives asinine orders to soldiers that got to obey. How he trumps other public officials. At the ending, after Quasimodo throws him from the ceiling, have him alive for a little while. With all his body broken, unable to function save for reflections on all he has done, what does he think? Does he see the palace of justice before he dies? Does he see Paris? How does he interpret it? How much of it is affected by visions of God? Given his religious trait that last thing is a must.

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What advice would you give the current entertainment industry?

Dear current entertainment industry
I can understand the non-stop production of re-boots and sequels. Such projects require alot of money, so you depend on alot people attending them to return a profit. No one's going to attend the adventures of Inner-Journey Race-Mix Transexual Artsy Douchey, but millions will rile up on Batman. Those millions already have good memories tied up with such cultural icon, and it sure would be difficult to reprogram brains that hold a high regard on good memories when choosing an audiovisual spectacle. When funding movies, choosing the already famous over an artistic approach has a solid purpose.
One thing I have learned making The Frollo Show, is the clear difference between Appearance and Script. My show borrows the Appearance of disney villain Frollo, but via Script he's now a hero. What I talked about in the paragraph above was all about Appearance. Those millions that rile up to see Batman, do it mostly because trailers and ads have promised them they'll see The Bat. Once they see the movie, that's when they consume the Script.
Go ahead, make Appearances a safe game, that's what gets a return to your investment... but on Scripts... go wild! Give us new stories! This is a rather broad petition, since there are infinite lanes in the road of creativity, but one thing is for sure... enough of The Hero's Journey! Its fun and we have good memories with it but why stick to one lane!? It is said that most human stories subconciously gravitate to following this format, but it can only be because repetition has accustomed generations that much to it! We've got to make a real effort on setting our ideas free!
Suicide Squad gave the general audience a new story: the villains are the heroes now! Holy cow! Yet once I consumed the Script, I was dissapointed on meeting with The Hero's Journey, once again. The squad getting out of jail: Call to Adventure. The bar scene when they give up on their journey: Refusal of the Return. This one dissapointed me the most since I knew they were going to resolve on going out and fighting the bad guy the very instant they entered the bar. Yet something I liked about the bar scene is that it highlighted something important: the bad guy is a GOD. The military already fought it with all its arsenal and FAILED. But that doesn't stop Will Smith from killing it with bombs right? Because the good guys always win riiiight? While I disliked the overall story, I loved some scenes in-between. Harley and Will Smith are very complex in some scenes. I bet that if the bad guy God was as complex, she wouldh've had the mind to use her powers with such dexterity, turning the plot into something less Hero Journeyesque.
Being accustomed to the same characters can be a price to pay, but I humbly ask you to commit on accustoming us all to new types of stories. Freeing ourselves from The Hero's Journey is a gigantic effort, it needs the help of giants.
Play it safe on Appearances, go all out on Scripts

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You don't have to tell me the process of The Frollo Show or about your personal life. But do you still fully have interest in working on Chincherrinas and making videos? Ever since MoBrosStudios retired from YTPs, even though he had 3 projects in production, I get nervous about you sometimes.

I still have full interest. I just gotta learn how to manage my time and other stuff.

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This is a really dark question, but Eddsworld is ending with a fanfilm and I'm curious about what should fans do with The Frollo Show and Lawl if something bad happens to you?

Aitor Molina
Very dark, but I do have given some thought to it.
If I ever take such issue with enough seriousness, I'd write future scripts for TFS/Leet Fighters and plans for Lawl. Pass them on to close friends that can have a better clue as to what I wanted to do, that I also consider great content makers, and trust them which other people could join production should they see it fit.
I'm quite sure that won't be needed tho ^^

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How do you define YTP as opposed to memes?

"We're not so different, you and I"
I don't see much difference in them, actually. They're both names used to identify the same thing: independently edited internet videos. If I had released "Bart Challenges Homer to a 1 on 1" or "Palpatine Speedrun" in 2010... aside from the references still being understandable... they wouldh've been referred to as ytp's. But no, this is 2018, and if you see in the comments they're being identified as memes.
If you compare "meme" and "ytp" in google trends, you'll see that meme really didn't start taking off until 2011.
The one important difference I see between the both is measured in time and relevance.
"Meme" is mainly used to identify images with text (like the austin powers one I'm using right now) but the word has become so popular, that independently edited internet videos have fallen to its meaning by merely being "funny internet stuff".
Since these edits are a craft I've grown fond of, I see more in them beyond "funny internet stuff".

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Tommy Wiseau returned as The Joker to recreate The Dark Knight scene, thoughts on it? An Extra Question is do you plan to have Joker Tommy Wiseau as an alt skin for Smash Bros Lawl?

I appreciate:
- the opportunity for a bat-shit crazy Wiseau (why don't we have more of that?)
- that funds are still going to the Tommy 4 Joker campaign, which I legit hope makes an impact on theaters
- the advertisement at the end
- Batmark Rises

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