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Hey, David! What was your intention behind the oathkeeper vid. ?

To show Jaime’s story in one simple video and that he truly is on the path of redemption.
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Even if you don't necessarily care about reputation, how do you think your viewers see you (and associate you with ... e.g. Actors, shows/movies, personalities, moods/themes/styles, etc.)?

Great question.
I have not thought about it but I think my work gives you a feeling of melancholy which also defines me very well as I am a guy who loves good memories and constantly revisits them. That is what I enjoy in Time-travel fictions that ability to revisit the past.
I don’t have the honor to associate myself to my idol Charlie Chaplin, on whom I recently made a video, but there are times I see a lot of myself in him and on top of that our stories might be somewhat similar hence my personality which I also think is the same.
I discovered that long time ago when I read his book.
I hope that answers your question
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In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKlPZ7vcxf0 where did you get the sound effects for the transitions like the whoosh and the bell ring, was it from the episode, the music or edited in? the whoosh the starts the video and the bell at 0:23, also at 1:39, how that bass slow mo sound

0:23 was from the Episode itself and 1:39 was from the song.
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Do you have a video on YouTube that can be monetized? Or YouTube just blocks that option if you're using somebody else's content?

Nope, "people" who own the rights of the material shown in the video they monetize it and get the money hehe xD
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How much space do your doctor who episodes take? Do you have all of them in 1080p? Cause I can't seem to find any but all of your videos look really hd.

3-5 GB normally and yes it's 1080P
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Hello :) I've always created AMV in my head, like when i'm listening to a song while driving I can't stop imagine as scenario and after I found your work on youtube, i really want to give it a try too, I have a few questions, hope you can answer me since when are you making amv ? 1/2

almost 5 years
I am glad that I inspired you
wish you best of luck
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which software are you using ? do you download every raw with torrent ? where all that imagination come from ? :p thank you for your time, keep doing your stuff that's really great, i watch your videos at least twice a day x) 2/2

I use Premiere Pro
Some footage yes from torrents
Imagination? well it comes from creativity?
and Thank you very much
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You should consider making a Doctor Who video using the song Fire by Barns Courtney. Just heard it for the first time and it's perfect!

I'll listen to it
you'll know the answer xD
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Do you have any problems with copyrighted music? And if not, how do you use music without copyright?

I don't have problems, it's fair use, I just don't make money of it
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Your work is amazing specially with the Got videos but you might re-arrange Tyrion's it's kinda chaos.

hasanalhadad’s Profile PhotoHasan Hadad
Thank you so much, but can you watch it again and pay a lot of attention like 100%, because I've worked a lot on that one, even made notes and for me personally it's perfectly assigned xD
sorry to disappoint

Как много времени уходит на монтаж одного видео? При создании каждого видеоролика пересматривается весь/часть сериала с поиском нужных фраз? (хотя подозреваю, что уже выучен весь сериал, с учетом количества восхитительных видеороликов) Но как это было в первый раз?

первый раз было больно !! но сейчас 2-3 дня уходит
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Hey I am a fan of your work and I am trying to improve my videos as well using Torrents. But when you are using torrents, how do you hide your vpn or IP?

I don't need to, because of my country xD
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