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Even if you don't necessarily care about reputation, how do you think your viewers see you (and associate you with ... e.g. Actors, shows/movies, personalities, moods/themes/styles, etc.)?

Great question.
I have not thought about it but I think my work gives you a feeling of melancholy which also defines me very well as I am a guy who loves good memories and constantly revisits them. That is what I enjoy in Time-travel fictions that ability to revisit the past.
I don’t have the honor to associate myself to my idol Charlie Chaplin, on whom I recently made a video, but there are times I see a lot of myself in him and on top of that our stories might be somewhat similar hence my personality which I also think is the same.
I discovered that long time ago when I read his book.
I hope that answers your question

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Как много времени уходит на монтаж одного видео? При создании каждого видеоролика пересматривается весь/часть сериала с поиском нужных фраз? (хотя подозреваю, что уже выучен весь сериал, с учетом количества восхитительных видеороликов) Но как это было в первый раз?

первый раз было больно !! но сейчас 2-3 дня уходит

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