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*smacks Life upside the head, cause she needs it*

OW!! How dare you hit me!! *Life rubs her face-* Don't you know how unbelievably rude that is!?

*Shadow emerged from behind Vio, but he's mostly hiding from Life, nice job you jerk Goddess* "I'll just get Vi home, I don't want to be any more trouble. . ."

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
..Actually...a anon gave me a great idea.. to prevent you from wrecking havoc ever again, what if you had a teacher?
*Vio: VOLCANO TIME!! I'd rather have us DIE TOGETHER than listen to us! -leaps into volcano with a stick of dynamite-*

Shadow is still a very young immortal, just barely an adult, why don't you mentor him? He's not darkness but shadows he's not evil just misunderstood, you could turn him more towards the light he has within

..That doesn't sound like a bad idea *Vio: AW HELL NA -yeets himself and Shadow into the same volcano they fought at XD- BYE SUCKERS AAAAAAAA*
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"Because deep down, Shadow's really a hero, just like the rest of us Links. You don't understand him, and you don't want to understand him."

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
A hero? He showed me anything but a hero not too long ago! *ouch*
Those beings of darkness really are a danger to themselves and everyone around them..

When it comes to the Colors, Shadow will just prank them if he gets angry with them. Vio seemed to be having a severe health crisis and the guy had a meltdown, if someone you loved seemed to be at death's door all of a sudden would you be able to stay calm

...I wouldn't attack everyone near me however..and I'm sure he wouldn't have simply "pranked" them if they were here during that episode of his..I guarantee I would be bringing 3 others back from the dead right now..

"No, Shadow helped you. I get it Shads, I'll drop the issue, but I'm not happy about it." *Vio sighs and every muscle in his body suddenly goes slack and his head drops*

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
Erm..why would he help me? *Life blinks* Are you alright Vio dear..? I should honestly slap you for attacking a Goddess like that..! Your lucky the others weren't around..! Unlike me, they wouldn't forgive your actions!

*Life is going to get an assist from an unlikely place, white eyes appear in her shadow as a dark flame gently melts away the spreading ice before burning away the arrow. Sorrowful blank eyes stare up at her, he can't heal her but he got rid of what was causing the damage and associated magic*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*Aw.. I feel bad and sadly Toriel didn't notice the shade staring up at her, she's too focused on Vio, but she does notice the ice starting to go away with the arrow suddenly being gone* ..W-what in the...? ..Did the magic run out of it...?

"Normally I don't, Shadow has to cajole me into sleeping and he only manages it once or twice a week anyway. The point is this, God, Demon, I don't care what you are, if you're a threat to Shadow; I will best you."

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
...You don't sleep? Listen dear, I'm not threatening you or Shadow, honestly he's more of a threat to me! *Life is not helping* .. I'm trying to warn you, what if the one you call Blue, the one who has the short temper, angers Shadow while you are unconscious? You think he's going to walk away unscathed? Shadow needs to learn to control himself or he's a liability to your team just like Death is to us! *ouch..*

Yeah you deal with the young man who's clearly angry with every god or goddess that crosses him, I need to talk to Reaper

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
E-eh..!? You alright Geno dear..!? *Although Geno probably already left*

"I already defied the will of FOUR Goddesses to bring Shadow back, what's angering one more." *There's a cold fire in Vio's eye, this is a man who has fought god, and won*

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
...That is NOT something to brag about! You angered 4 Goddesses on your world!? How do you sleep at night!?*xD ooh..wrong thing to probably ask*

*Vio pulls an arrow out of his quiver and stabs Life in the side with it, her body begins to freeze starting from the arrow spreading out* "The colors are all safer with Shadow around, if he had wanted me dead, which he had every right to, I'd already be dead. I trust him with my life"

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
What are you doing with tha-!? *Life did not expect Vio to actually stab her, she winces a bit as she stares at Vio with wide shocked eyes* You actually attacked me..!? You do realize I'm a Goddess..correct? If anyone knew of this..you'd be targeted by the Gods here.. Asgore would show no mercy..!
*she then attempts to take out the arrow* Is..this enchanted..? How is there ice forming on it..!? I can't believe you'd attack me for speaking the truth, all it would take is for you to fall unconscious near the Colors and they would all be dead dear!

*Geno pyramids his hands in front of his face* And now I'm going to go have a panic attack, thanks for that

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
*Oof**Life then quickly waves her hands out in front of her* A-ah!! I didn't mean to scare you dear! *Though I think Vio just nailed the Goat Goddess for the both of them-*

*Vio's suddenly on his feet, he's 6'2" so a fair bit taller than Frisk and Chara, he looks her dead in the eye, a sense of menace emanating from icy lavender eyes that matches anything Shadow has managed* "Take. That. Back."

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
*Life is a bit stunned at Vios reaction, he does look pretty intimidating but the Goddess knows Vio is just a mortal, he can't actually do anything to her, so she stands her ground* I respect your loyalty to him but that loyalty will cost you your life eventually..what if he attacks you without even realizing it? Or what if one day he takes down your other friends? You think the colors are safe with him around?

His life force vanished?

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
*Life gives a nod* I couldn't sense that he was alive after Shadow had released him..it shocked me he was even talking or managing to stand in that instance.. *The goat Goddess goes silent for a moment* ..even now, it feels as though he's in a weakened state.. almost like he was slain but got brought back..

What are you talking about, slay a god? Reaper's fine, needed some help from Dream but he's fine now

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
AH!! *Goat Goddess shrieks hearing Geno* I thought you weren't here!! Don't scare a old woman like that! A-h-huh? Death isn't deceased? I am shocked.. but how? I felt his life force vanish!! You were able to have Dream save him!? I was already making preparations on how I was going to explain this to the others!
*Geno: WHAT*

*Vio just places a hand on his shadow, looking at him morosely before cold violet eyes turn back to pin Life with a piercing glare* "He lost control, anyone can lose control, it's not his fault he can do more damage than you or I could in that state."

*Vio has turned to the dark side xD ANON*
*Vio: Little did you know I've been ANON ALL ALONG **ceases to exist*
*Shadow shape-shifts into GODZILLA and starts breathing fire on a rampage*
..Technically speaking..it is both his and Deaths fault that they're incapable of keeping themselves under control..
Having to deal with one unholy monster is enough but now there's 2..*LIFE*
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*Shadow's ears drop and he vanishes into Vio's shadow, in silhouette form he seems to be wiping away tears*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*Oof**Life stops covering her head when it suddenly turned quiet and she gets back up, dusting off her dress as she looks around* Did..he leave? ..Erm not to be offensive Vio dear..but he did slay a God by turning into this ..giant monstrosity..!

*Because Shadow was still in Vio's lap, thry both end up covered in pie, Vio managed to put his book away just in time* "What did we do to deserve that?"

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
That..thing you call a boyfriend almost took us all out the other day! *Nice Life xD* I've been trying not to offend but he is a terrifying unholy beast!

"I'm not a mindless animal! Also we already know the damage I can do to Hyrule. But I don't want to, I don't like being the old me, the remorseless monster." *someone woke up*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*Probably alarming Shadow and Vio- the minute Shadow woke up, Life throws the pie in his face and drops down to the floor, covering her head xD* TAKE COVER!!

"Either or both would be fine, he's-" *What she said at the beginning registers* "He took down Death?"

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
*Life was already on her way into the kitchen to get the pie and tea ready but she responds back while she's in the middle of it*
I would be really careful around him dear.. I didn't think Shadow was that strong to take down a God like that..and not just any God, Death is among the strongest here..that being said, I can only imagine the damage Shadow could do in your world if he ever went out of control like that there..everyone in that place you call Hyrule would probably be dead..

"Tea for me, Shadow I know would want pie, for a guy who doesn't actually need to eat, he sure loves sweets." *He runs his fingers through Shadow's hair* "He used a lot of magic transforming into the creature you described, so he needs the rest to recover."

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
..I can imagine if he was able to take down Death itself.. it has this old woman worried about what may happen to our pantheon if the balance is broken.. *Life then gets herself up*
But on a different note, if I'm making pie, does he happen to like Butterscotch or cinnamon? Or is he fine with both?

*Oh Vio's just been reading a book so far today and Shadow is sprawled in his lap like an oversized cat* "Hmn? Someone mention me?"

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
Oh..is that why you both have been so awfully quiet? *Life took notice of the book* usually whenever I have company over, they're not this quiet..or well behaved.. would you both like some pie or tea?
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How are Vio and Shadow doing?

They've been quiet..a little too quiet..*Life frowns* I understand Shadow is worried about him and doesn't want to have him to leave yet.. but.. I find it strange they haven't spoken a word today..


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