*...That's when Life suddenly finds herself impaled on her daughter's scythe* Don't worry mom~ I forgive you... *Instead of dying, Life's soul cracks in half* NOT!~ *Giggles, taking half of her mother's soul and vanishing*

*That escalated quicker than I thought it would, Life was absolutely stunned about being attacked so suddenly, it gave her no time to react to save herself but what shocked her most was having half of her Soul broken off and stolen by her own daughter*
*It leaves the Goddess in a state of shock as she falls to the ground, she's going to be in a world of pain after the state of shock passes*
+31 answers in: “Torment: I'd hit you, but what's the point. It never sinks in. You're a lost cause, life. So you know what? enjoy destroying others for your own selfish benefits.”