Your in a place called ReaperTale where all monsters, humans and animals go when they..pass on to the next world.. but you don't appear to have passed on, maybe you ended up here by accident.. *Life picks up the pony* My name is Toriel, I'm known as the Goddess of Life but most call me Toriel or Tori, what's your name dear?

Cherry bomb!^^ Cherry for short!

Aw, okay Cherry dear *I think Toriel just adopted her* I have a question, do you know at all how you got here?
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Nope it's not bad!

That's good to hear dear! Because I usually bake butterscotch and cinnamon together and I already have a pie I'm making--which reminds me, I'll be right back dear! *Life hurries out of the room but she comes back within 10 minutes with a pie in her hands lol*


*Life then hands the small pony the pie* I hope you like it dear, I was going to give you snail pie but I didn't think you would like that one

Sorry to barge in like this but we have a certain Death on our hands, what's this I hear about you explaining what dying is to Shino?

..Are you really here to criticize me when you are literal Death? You alone have exposed her to things that no young child should have to see or know.. I was only trying to explain to her what death was in case she did lose someone..

Hey, I'm not saying I'm the greatest parent on the planet here but I didn't try to tell a 5yr old that her family is dead *he remembered her age for once* kiddos that young don't understand anything

Children aren't stupid like you Death, they can understand quite a bit and your daughter was asking me questions about her parents, at the time, it didn't seem like either of you were going to survive so I did try to explain that to her.. did you want me to lie?

Shino almost dusted herself

That has nothing to do with me, I hold @GrimReapings fully responsible for that incident

In that situation YES YOU LIE YOUR ASS OFF

*Life throws several golden flames at the anon* Who even asked you!?

No sh-t sherlock´╝îlook Im not saying kids are stupid´╝î Im saying they aren't old enough to understand everything that goes on.. Gaster constantly told me when I was that age that my power would kill everything I think I understood that? I didnt and chased every animal that used to be here

...And you should be very proud of your actions, your irresponsible behavior made our timeline a near desolate wasteland..

Life, suck it up and take some accountability for your actions for once

Geno dear? When did you walk in? And don't speak to me that way! I refuse to believe this was solely my wrong doing..*If it came from Asgore though she would believe it*

...*Reaper then summons his scythe and swings it at Life, he's triggered*

*Life just barely dodges with the scythe grazing her dress* This is really helping your case isn't it? Didn't we just finish healing you and the first thing you choose to do after is attack me in return? *She throws her golden flames at the Death God* stand down Death!

*Reaper dodges by teleporting out of the way of the flames though before he could do much else, he felt a sharp pain surge through his Soul which caused him to stop in his tracks, he lowers his scythe and grips at his chest*.. urgh..

Did he actually listen and stood down? If only he were always this if you could just apologize to everyone here and admit you were the one at fault, I may let this go
*She doesn't take into account that Reaper is in pain*

That's it. *Holds you in place with a dozen tentacles, then nails you with a dozen Nightmare blasters* EVERYTHING. ISN'T. REAPERS. FAULT. IT'S. ALMOST. ALWAYS. YOURS. IF. YOU. CARED. ABOUT. CHARA. THEN. YOU. WOULD. HAVE. BEEN. THERE. FOR. HER.

W-WHAT!? *Oof! She not only got surprise attacked by Nightmare but nailed by his words*
Ow... *Life shakes her head in a attempt to brush off the damage she just recieved though that's impossible, it did get her to focus more* I d-dont know who you are or what in your right mind gave you the thought to attack me, but I love my children and there was nothing I could have done to help her..

That's @WelcomeToMySpecialHell in a human form to court @onryotatarigami

Did...I just hear you correctly..?

If you really DID love her, you would have 1. Found out who was on the reaping list 2. Answered Chara's pleas for help 3. Forbid Reaper from trying to reap Chara in the first place!

To answer your responses..I had fully trusted Death, I believed him when he said my daughter had died from a illness and that he had no choice but to reap her Soul..I didn't know it was the exact opposite and I had no idea she called for help.. that makes this a lot harder honestly.. I'm at fault for trusting him but he's at fault for doing that without my knowledge and lying to me!

And how do you know it was him huh? He could have been ordered or coaxed into it, you know.

*He was ordered to do it but Life doesn't know that*
What do you mean? Someone convinced him to do it?

You are older than him. You are his opposite. Therefore he has plenty of reasons to listen to you. And if he defied you on his own, defied YOU, the wife of ASGORE, then he would surely have been punished and reprimanded. Thing is, he wasn't. And no one besides you complained about it. Why?

...That's a very good question..he should have been punished..*Toriel was now thinking about this*..I need to ask a few questions..
Starting with Death.. I never thought I would be saying this to you of all people but thank you..

Yeah ponies don't eat snails.*takes a bite since she has no magic holding anything is a challenge unless she uses her mouth*

*Toriel giggled a bit* Do you need help dear? You seem to be struggling Shinano is Japanese for Beloved

*I wonder if that's why Shinos name is Shinohana--*
Mod, are you not at all shocked that Nightmare of all people actually has feelings for someone and called Nova his beloved in another language!?
*Actually no, not really, he's made passes at Nova the whole time we've all been here and tried to make her his Queen and I think he has tried to h-ntai her..what shocked me was the fact he was going to h-ntai Reaper of all people ._.*
Um..what is h-ntai exactly?
*You don't want to know..*

It's hard being a earth pony!

Here dear, maybe I can help you *Toriel cuts the pie into small pieces so she can eat it easier*

Life you never want to find out what that is, just, trust me on that, it was so bad it was seared into MY memory, yeah my normally nonexistent memory

Oh my..I don't know what could possibly be that horrible that it would make even you remember it.. but I'm sorry you went through that dear..

*tries to pick it up with her hoof*Thank you toriel.

Aw, your welcome dear *Toriel pats Cherry on the head* I have a few questions after your done.. you need further help? I don't think you can pick those up like that dear