Torment: I'd hit you, but what's the point. It never sinks in. You're a lost cause, life. So you know what? enjoy destroying others for your own selfish benefits.

Opal, Nao, Tori and the Gang
*Ouch Life just got roasted by a demon*
Excuse me..!? Last I checked I help others, not harm them! I'm the least bit selfish and attacking a God or Goddess is against the rules, I'm surprised you haven't gotten in trouble for doing so!

so does driving Geno to almost make himself fall down after he tried saving Reaper from the damage you did "helping"?

...Geno did that on his own, his husband would have been fine and would of recovered without him needing to help him..

((...Can I murder her, admin? PLEASE?!?!)) ((I CAN MAKE IT LOOK LIKE AN ACCIDENT-))

*LOL sadly no bad other mod*
H-hey!! Why on earth does he and you want to murder me!? Your my mod! You should be on my side!
*And you shouldn't be breaking the 4th wall right now..*
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Well it's not me you should be concerned with, your Chara has been talking to me for hours now, so, have fun


*...That's when Life suddenly finds herself impaled on her daughter's scythe* Don't worry mom~ I forgive you... *Instead of dying, Life's soul cracks in half* NOT!~ *Giggles, taking half of her mother's soul and vanishing*

*That escalated quicker than I thought it would, Life was absolutely stunned about being attacked so suddenly, it gave her no time to react to save herself but what shocked her most was having half of her Soul broken off and stolen by her own daughter*
*It leaves the Goddess in a state of shock as she falls to the ground, she's going to be in a world of pain after the state of shock passes*

*Reaper walks over with help from @DontcallmeSans and sees Life kinda K.O'd on the ground* ..Uh..what the heII happened..? Hey, Life, you okay? We kinda need to talk to you

Ow..*Toriel sits up, shaking her head, she was knocked out for a little while* ..I had my Soul..broken in half..and got attacked by my own daughter...what do you think!? Ow! *she winces* .. this is quite painful..

.... oh I'm sorry am I supposed to feel bad for you? You didn't give a damn when you broke Reaper's Soul in half, so forgive me if I have trouble giving a damn about you suffering the same. If anything this is karma *Geno's voice is cold*

*Oof mama Geno didn't forget and he is p-ssed*
Excuse me..but did I just hear you correctly? I thought we were friends despite the fact that I hate your husband.. he deserved having his Soul broken for all of his wrong actions, me on the other hand, I don't deserve this treatment..

An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth, you're just getting a taste of your own medicine. Also you broke his soul in a misguided attempt to help Nova, which almost k!lled her remember.

I was sacrificing one life to save another though I didn't think it would do damage like that..and I helped you and your family, I don't see this as being a taste of my own medicine..* we need to bring up what you did to Goth, Raven and Shino again?*

Can you learn to get along with us for a couple minutes..? My Soul is still recovering from you breaking it like that..and..I don't know if I can handle another fight.. *Reaper looks at @DontcallmeSans * me sit down..please..

...I am your superior still Death..I can speak however I want to with you though I'm trying to be civil since Asgore asked me to.. actually it would help if you dressed as a different skeleton when you come see me.. and i really don't care that your still recovering..MY SOUL WAS BROKEN IN HALF JUST LIKE YOURS! I don't have the other piece to repair it either! Ow! Dear Asgore..If I get it back I'm burning you alive!

Life, do you realize what you just told me? You were going to k!ll Reaper to save Nova. If I hadn't intervened you probably would have been successful

Oh dear..that had slipped.. sorry Geno dear ..

((Keep making threats, it gives me an excuse to leave you with half a soul PERMANENTLY :3))

*Life maybe you should listen to Charas mod--*
HEY!! If anyone deserved having their Soul broken it was Death not me!! Ow..ow MOTHER F-CKING D-CK ON A STICK! *._. * YOU B-TCH

Are you still going to try and pretend that Reaper didn't need my help after you tried to mvrder him?

I wasnt pretending dear, I really don't believe he needs your help, your the injured party here, he should be taking care of you right now not the opposite *Toriel folded her arms* speaking of..I healed your arm, it should be better but with how fragile you are, I still wouldn't use it for a while, so I put it in a sling..

back to the Geno's too fragile to do anything mindset then huh?

I didn't mean it.. that way *yeah she did* ..but..look at the state your constantly in, Undyne and the others have always nagged at Death to try and get him to rely on someone for a change but they would all be very displeased and disappointed if they knew he was finally relying on someone but it was on a injured mortal..*Toriel frowned*

I get the feeling I can't really stop you from putting my arm in a sling

I had already done so, so it's a bit too should stay here and rest *Toriel scoops up Geno in her arms, carrying him like he's a baby and heads off to the kids room*

*Reaper had accidentally dozed off but having Geno taken from his arms woke him back up* ...Love..? .... wait..Life..? W-where are you taking Geno..?

He needs someone to watch over him and it seems you are unfit to.. *Toriel then throws several golden flames at Reaper*

Put me down dammit, let me retain some dignity! I can still walk *he teleports out of her grip, he's very agitated now*

Dear, should you even be teleporting right now? If you dont wish for me to carry you, at least let me use that wheel chair thing you brought over

*Geno facepalms.... ot he would have except his dominant arm was in the sling so when he tried using it he winced in pain instead*

I said not to use that arm for a while dear, your more fragile than you think..
*Here we go again*
Let me deal with your husband while you go lie down and rest for a bit hm?

Sh-t..! *Reaper uses his wings to somewhat shield himself from the flames but his wings end up being singed instead* w-what the heII..!?

*I wonder since she has so much hate towards Reaper, if Chara was able to actually influence her*
...I wonder.. are those wings of yours able to be broken? It seems befitting since you had broken Genos arm, got my Soul damaged and nearly killed Asgore..karma is it not?

don't hurt him *Geno gives her a pleading look*

Dear, you need to get to bed, don't worry about your husband *Toriel smiles at Geno* we're only chatting

You two "chatting" usually ends up with someone injured

*The fact Life is holding a crowbar in her hands and that Reaper is hiding himself behind his wings..I think Geno is gonna be like are you f-cking serious?*
Nobody is going to be injured dear.. now go to bed, please?

.... where did you even get a crowbar?!!? *Geno pulls it from Life's grip with his psychokinesis, though it soon clatters to the ground as his eye light goes out and he grips at his soul in pain*

Geno dear..!? Are you alright? I didn't think you were well enough to be using magic..hold still *Life scoops him up again and shares some of her magic with him though with only half a Soul she's going to limit her magic use*

Geno..!? *Reaper manages to get to his "feet" and rushes to Genos side*

*Life picks up the crowbar Geno had pulled from her hands and throws it at the Death God* You stay back! You've caused enough damage!

*he doesn't react, something is wrong*

Hold on dear..*Life takes him to the kids room and sets him down in bed, hooking up a IV to his Soul*