Excuse me, but why are you pretending to be someone whom you aren't? That is borderline identity theft, which is a crime. So if you would please stop pretending to be me I would greatly appreciate it.

I was trying to be funny about how everyone thought it was me, but literally nobody understood I was joking. I thought maybe people would get a few laughs out of it and back off of you. That and also teach people a few hard lessons about jumping to conclusions. XD
(Plus it was really late last night and I got randomly bored.)
Anyway, I doubt anyone will even believe this exchange. I'd suggest that you tell people via your ask.fm without being hidden /barvix/ and explain to everyone why /you/ are using a dupe account. You do realize dupe accounts are against the rules, right? I know you asked for a ban, but then ask for an unban and quit making everyone think /I'm/ causing trouble. I'd actually gotten 5 or 6 pretty rude "questions" before now with people telling me to quit using dupe accounts.