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Man I wish someday I like someone who likes me back. That would be nice .

PrincessTami29’s Profile PhotoPrincessMermaid
I wish my crush liked me back but I would be VERY HAPPY if she was AT LEAST MY FRIEND I want a POSITIVE relationship with her REGARDLESS of whether it's ROMANCE or FRIENDSHIP

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Would you break up with your partner if you were offered 100 million dollars?

lunahuffle28’s Profile PhotoJessica Curry
Sadly I don't have a partner but I will unblock everyone I have blocked on Facebook if my crush unblocks me on Facebook

Why are Americans so obsessed with working?

rubylunt’s Profile Photorgirl
Because of the bullshit capitalist system in which you need money for ALMOST EVERYTHING you want and/or need

Rational immigration reform

TheGreatMatt22’s Profile PhotoMatt Edelman
We do NOT need a big ass wall and we should abolish border patrol and shut down immigration detention centers Internment camps were wrong during World War 2 and they are wrong NOW Illegal immigrants should NOT be given AUTOMATIC citizenship but MOST illegal immigrants should be given a PATHWAY to citizenship where they can GAIN citizenship by either living here for 10 years or serving in the military ICE needs to be REFORMED to ONLY go after VIOLENT illegal immigrants that commit VIOLENT crimes like murder, rape, and/or terrorism THOSE illegal immigrants SHOULD be deported but I STRONGLY DISAGREE with this AUTHORITARIAN idea that we should deport illegal immigrants for the SAKE of DEPORTING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Illegal immigration is a VICTIMLESS crime in which someone moves to a foreign country WITHOUT PERMISSION from that COUNTRY's government and if that OFFENDS you then you're an AUTHORITARIAN LOSER and ONE thing I will NEVER understand about CONSERVATIVES is how they do NOT BAT AN EYE at people OWNING GUNS WITHOUT GOVERNMENT PERMISSION which are tools that can LITERALLY KILL people but when UNARMED NON-violent foreigners PEACEFULLY enter our nation to move here they LOSE THEIR DAMN MINDS That's a FUCKED UP DOUBLE STANDARD on GOVERNMENT PERMISSION and I'm saying that as someone who is a BIG supporter of gun rights ALSO could you IMAGINE if we needed GOVERMENT PERMISSION to move to another state or another city and people were treated like illegal immigrants for daring to move to another state without permission from the government of the state they moved to or without permission from the government of the city they moved to? That would be FUCKING STUPID So why are SO MANY people SO FUCKING BUTTHURT about people who moved to their country without their government's permission? It's FUCKING STUPID We should NOT NEED GOVERNMENT PERMISSION to MOVE PERIOD Donald Trump's immigration philosophy does NOT UNITE USA it DIVIDES USA My immigration philosophy is something can UNITE USA and Donald Trump would be MORE RESPECTED AND MORE POPULAR if he had the SAME immigration philosophy as me Hopefully if he runs in 2024 He will embrace my rational immigration philosophy and stop PANDERING to the Anti-Immigration Movement The BEST way for The American government to handle immigration would be to COMINE being COMPASSIONATE towards MOST illegal immigrants while ALSO being TOUGH on VIOLENT illegal immigrants that commit VIOLENT crimes

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Perfect I ain’t got cash I only got face card… as of January 1st 2023… every offense will prevent you from spending cash money…

ogSbongecat’s Profile PhotoMarcus Kahlil Priester
Every politician who supports this should be executed by firing squad

Do you believe there's other things on earth besides humans and animals?

x_LaReinax’s Profile Photo✨Mariposa✨
Yes there is also bugs, plants, water, snow, ice, fire, houses, buildings, cars, boats, ships, planes, guns, knives, PCs, laptops, IPhones, and etc. Earth has ALL KINDS of things We are the BEST planet in The UNIVERSE

Biden literally said the pandemic is over now. Do you agree or disagree?

RecordsAreBetter’s Profile PhotoRecordsAreBetter
I thought the pandemic was over EVEN BEFORE he said that As far I'm concerned the pandemic has been IRRELEVANT since January

Are you still traumatized by stuff that happened to you in highschool?

You mean the last day of my junior year when I cyberbullied my crush for blocking me on Facebook? Yes I still remember that day and I fucking hate myself for what I did and I fucking hate myself for coming across as a stalker towards my crush when all I was trying to do was gain her forgiveness and have a positive relationship with her


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