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So why don't all the Nerds get together and do an update or something? It's been months so XD everyone has been seen together. Did something happen?

Hello, we at the Historical Nerds apologize for the delay in a full update. We have had many difficulties getting together with Andre being away at school for most of the year and various conflicts with our schedules this year. We hope to possibly get together soon if our schedules permit. We hope this answers your question! -Andre, Nick and Kyle

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People often say I have an over active imagination, is this a bad thing? I only bring things I really like into perspective, but I guess that's a bad thing...

It's not a bad thing at all. Actually, I find that people with the most over active imaginations are often the most creative. So just keep being you and don't listen to anyone else's opinion of you. If you like you, that's all you need.

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Which game would you like to physically go see in the World Cup?

Well my first pick would have to be the World Cup Final itself but if I had to pick another game it would have to be a game involving Argentina, with my preferred choice being their potential quarterfinal against Portugal because I would get to see the two best players in the world face off against each other and the Argentine fans are always known for creating a great atmosphere. -Andre

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The first two are still in country, why Venice? Or why that specific place when there are many others to choose from?

We'll I live Venice because I think it has a unique atmosphere that I would really like to experience sometime in the future and I want to ride the gondolas really bad. But if I had to say other places I would want to visit I'd say Seville, Barcelona, Paris, Brazil and Japan would be next on my bucket list. -Andre

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So I'm thinking of not following you guys anymore since all of my questions aren't answered or taken seriously, or what seems to be ignored. Why should I stay following you guys if I can't even have questions I have answered? I thought that is what this site was for.

We apologize greatly if we have offended you in anyway. Our page has been funky recently with deleting questions and what not. Please submit your questions again and we will be happy to answer then truthfully. -Andre, Nick and Kyle

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