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Eleanor should I cut my wrists ?xx

Noeliia ☆
No. You can not do that. Say what you will it? For a moment, you feel good, but then it all comes back again with a vengeance. People have reasons for doing it, but it's better to find this solution. This is not a way out of the situation. You cut out your blood flow and relief. You will feel the pain and you are sure that you deserve it because you're worth nothing. But no. Each person is unique and has the right to life. You should talk to a trusted person and confide in her with their problems. I know it will stop cutting, it is very difficult. When you argue with someone, you get one or to have a bad mood once you think of things that you can do it. It is therefore important support is in such a situation. That's when you know who is with you. I do not recommend cutting the scars are as a person never to end this is not a cure. That is my opinion.
Please don't do this. I love you. Boys love you. Your family love you. Your friends love you. Your Directioners love you and world love you <3

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Eleanor should I cut my wrists xx