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If you had to evacuate your house immediately, what is the one thing you would grab on the way out?

my money and my basketball lol oh and my family almost forgot about them

What is your idea of perfect relaxation?

Basketball what I do to get away from shit most the time oh and also for fun


cameron_james61327’s Profile Photo8=====D~~ O:
right he can't even make a layup all I'm sayin is that the team right now is gonna need a lot of Jesus for them to win a single game only really good person is Moises

yeah lol. & danny didn't make it either. wtf.but adolphus did. he can't even dribble it. omfg lets tell abbot off Tomorrow

cameron_james61327’s Profile Photo8=====D~~ O:
I will do it if u do it tomorrow with me man, I'm literally flipping out that I didn't make it so yea I will also cha didn't make it and Nathan Mitchell did come on man danny would of made a 10 times better pg all Nathan can do is shoot 3s and adolface or how ever the fuck u spell his name don't even get me started

Dislocated it then tried coming back too early and blew it out.

cameron_james61327’s Profile Photo8=====D~~ O:
damn well I guess ball is all u got u, still gonna keep playin right, I am show those bitches what their missin

hah. yea. abbot and folrod play favorites .. i shoulda been like a captain of the team.. but oh well. their loss. me and u would of started lol

cameron_james61327’s Profile Photo8=====D~~ O:
so tru, definitely the playin favorites part. Damn man still really pisses me off though u got football, all I got is bball.

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