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What age did you start drinking alcohol I started at 14 my mom gave me my first drink

Maybe 16. A local liquor store used to hook my crew up. Golden and pink Champale

Do you feel sad or happy that this year is ending?

Happy, but for the 2nd year in a row, it ends with certain friendships on the edge. People falling off.
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Who walking around in their house on the go cause they use to being on the go😂😂... fam be like “if you don’t sit your ass down”

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Name an animal you most closely relate too & Why? i.e. (Speed, beauty, hunter, loner, pack-oriented, endangered, aggressive, misunderstood, etc).

AskKeishaJ’s Profile PhotoKJay
Probably the Wolf, but not just any wolf. The Alpha. I carry myself as a boss. A leader.

I might be leaving askfm or not be on it much. What do you think? Becareful what questions you ask. I don't want to get in trouble not worth it.

wolverringz’s Profile PhotoWolverringz
No worries

Why do you think I asked?

About to block you because I like intelligent conversation. I can care less. Do what you do, just don't pull me into nonsense

I tested positive for Covid but I can’t afford to be off for 11 days. How do I tell my coworkers at work?

That's up to you. Do what you feel is right


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