Ask @TheParisCarter:

Hi Paris! My favourite novel is, currently "The English Teacher", by R.K. Narayan (he's an Indian author). I haven't been reading much due to exams but I plan on to resuming soon. c: What are your music preferences?

I haven't read that one I'll have to add it to my to-read list. I mainly listen Hip-Hop, Alternative, Rock, Metal, Dubstep and Classic Rock. Some of my favorite bands are Bring Me The Horizon, Nirvana, And Foo Fighters. My favorite rappers Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Tyler, The Creator, and Drake.

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How do you visualize the portrait of insanity? Why?

I see the portrait of insanity as a portrait of clashing colors, running streaks, and radiating light. Every stroke boast a vibrant color. Each line a portrait of its own- smashed together to form a mosaic of collision. But in between the mark of every brush stroke rest emptiness. Black. Bleak these motley gaps swallow the color on the painting. In this madness we must wonder if this is a portrait of brilliance. Or one of confusion. But this is insanity. Something so brilliant and misunderstood we label it insanity to make it easier for us to comprehend.
Great question!

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Your response to the question about "the perfect job" is definitely the hallmark of a true writer. What inspires you to write?

The first piece of "literature" you can say I wrote outside of school was a fantasy novel--or what I thought was a novel. I wrote it out of boredom to keep me entertained one summer before going to sixth grade. It wasn't until I explored literature traveling back to reading classics from all over the world that I started to explore different themes in my writing.
At first, I was inspired by the death of my father when I was six. I explored the themes of death, family, and addiction. I wrote pieces short stories, poetry, and novels that I thought he would enjoy while also healing myself. But I also felt my work was missing something.
A couple of hundred books later, my inspiration shifted from my father to common American. I want my work to empathize with the struggles of the true heroes. The common people. Seeing the many social issues protruding our world, keeps me writing daily to bring light to issues forgotten.

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