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If you see a clown in the forest what would you do?

aclownlikeme8’s Profile PhotoGlad Gresskar
Me and Arya made over 5,000$ cutting grass this summer. Thats 2,500$ each and the people will pay us to clean the snow from their driveways in the winter if we want the job.
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More than 100 students have been told to find new flats as asylum seekers move into the luxury block tower. What is your opinion on this?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
Thats happening in Canada too, makes me sick that they matter more then actual born citizens

Have you ever been bitten by an animal?

spicyginger1888_’s Profile Photospicyginger1888
No but one tried but i rightfully whacked it with a stick and the game wardens said i did the right thing because when wild animals attacked it means they have rabies because animals should be scared of people even big old bears run most times unless a momma has cubs

I’ll see you when you come over. I’m not going over. I’m sorry. But I knew you weren’t ready. I tried to rush you.

iloveyoutyler23844’s Profile PhotoJensdhdhd
Shoutouts aren't used to contact a person you want to connect with... everyone gets this bs so stop it and message the person in private 😒

UK doesn't have Left hand drive cars or trucks

Yes they do, you can import them into the UK, sometimes you can buy lorries from France or other parts of Europe and drive them. Its 100% possible although European trucks show kilometres not UK miles so 60 miles would be 100 kilometres and 70 would be 110 and so on
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If i had a million dollars it would be spend on one house in Ontario lol houses here are well over a million.

BananaWrld’s Profile PhotoSemmy
ETS2 custom interior 🤣 AskFM Owl is just a sticker i can remove
If i had a million dollars it would be spend on one house in Ontario lol houses

One has to go: bbq corn frito chips or bbq lays chips?

Lays because Fritos you can literally add them to chilli and i love a good Fall style chilli


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