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So, ever been with a Polish guy? It's pretty exotic and everything, you know.

Well, they did make Witcher 3.

Have you ever considered shaving your head and then getting a tattoo of hair?

I can't say that I have lol.

Why do you call her Cohost Nora even outside of the context of a Killstream? Doesn't that hinder her chance to develop an identity?

I call her Nora outside of the #Killstream. On the site I use Co-Host because that's how the readers know her. I use a nickname myself, btw.

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What's your favourite swear word (regional/dialectic words included)?

It's gotta be motherfucker, but cunt and the regular fuck are both close.

How surprised would you be if Steve Shives was abused by his wife?

I wouldn't be surprised at all. He has that look in his eyes.

If you were to make videos of you playing a video game for your fans to watch, what game would it be?

MGS V, NBA 2K, or maybe Batman.

What gets you the most article hits? Pieces on celebrity, politics, feminism, or gamergate?

Feminism and politics. GG has died down, except for "name" figures like Anita, Zoe, etc.

there's a lot of talk bout a return to the WWII sub-genre of FPSs, yahtzee thinks that those games have sung their swan-song, while extra credits believe that it can be revive through game-play twerks, globalism, etc, what about you? do you belive WWII games can be revives for FPS

Andrija Jovanovic
Yes, I think they can be

Any plans to adjust the width of your site columns so the new comment sidebar doesn't overlap it?

You can just make the comment box go away if you press x, but I will definitely look into it.

What caused the jump in Twitter's stock Friday?

A couple analysts said now was a good time to buy the stock, so it jumped.

Has anyone tried setting up a fund to run a bounty for verifiable ethics violations in the industry?

Nah, they'd rather donate to charities and fund sea lions. Oh, and the worthless Airplay 2, almsot forgot that.
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Do you think your site's tendency towards hit pieces makes you a higher profile target for Ops that aim to divide and conquer the hashtag group identity?

You're thinking about GG too much. Drink a beer and go play vidya.

Everyone can contribute to help create a better and kinder internet. How do you spread the good vibes? #SID2016

Deleting Ask.fm sounds like a good start.


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