Is Anyone Truly Free?

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Is it bad if your boyfriend says “if you wear that outfit I won’t be seen in public with you”

Damn did he really say that?!

My neighbor won’t stop making noise. Should I pay him a visit and make him an offer he can’t refuse?

You know it sounds slightly threatening when you put it like that? Lol

Bout ready to call it quits and OD. Life sucks and 90% of yall on here are assholes so yall just made it worse for me. I don't get to see my kids. The woman that I'm with treats me bad and cheats on me. I have no friends. When I tried getting help all I got was scammed. So yea life is great

Yeah don't do that.

I do not love you, I do not want you to love me, I do not want to be your friend or acquaintance, and I do not hate you.

OK so is that you talking to me or you pretending that I'm talking to you?! Lol


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