I just want to say that even though I'm one of the people who have asked you on here a couple times for info, you don't need to share your situation if it makes you uncomfortable. I was mostly concerned with you possibly going to jail, so I'm relieved to know that you made it through alright.

Thanks for your support, it means a lot that people have been supportive. I... was kind of worried about that possibility myself, honestly.
Since I really want to get this off my chest, I will elaborate a little on what happened. The gist of it was, the government seized a package which had a nude anime illustration on the front. The embarrassing part is the product itself, which was an onahole. There, I said it! Man that's embarrassing. There was some confusion on customs part about the matter, but they eventually became adamant that the illustration was child pornography. I disagree, and I wouldn't have ordered it if I thought so, but that doesn't really make much of a difference.
The RCMP had conducted a month long investigation over the period that they had the package. This included one week where they staked out my home and work, and at one point even tailed me with my friends to a restaurant while monitoring me. They went through my twitter and online profile too. They conducted an undercover sting, where they posed as a DHL delivery driver to give me the package. They arrested me in the parking lot of my workplace where I had the package in my vehicle. I was charged at the time with possession of child pornography, importing obscene goods, and smuggling or attempting to smuggle prohibited goods. To clarify, the illustration was the only evidence.
I was in RCMP custody for 13 hours, where I was processed and subject to a lengthy police interview about the product and grilled on my sexual preferences and behavior. Mostly it was just waiting, stressfully. I pretty much broke down while there. In the end I was released on bail, and shortly thereafter retained the services of a criminal lawyer to fight the charges. Sadly (but understandably), the CLLDF declined to get involved.
After dragging on for months, the prosecutor agreed to drop the charges in exchange for me accepting a peace bond. The case would be risky for both of us if it went to trial. A peace bond is kind of like deferred prosecution in the US... you abide by a set of conditions and at the end of the period (one year), it comes off your record. Well not exactly, but it's the easiest way to understand it. It does mean that you don't have to admit guilt, you don't have a criminal record, not subjected to the sex offender registry, and no mandatory jail term. The conditions are kind of rough: regularly meeting with a probation officer, limiting access to minors, can't visit parks or swimming areas, and I might have to undergo psychological evaluation if recommended by probation.
The media has basically reported everything as it happened, full with my name and info. Radio, newspaper, TV news. It was why I abandoned social media for a period of time, there was a bunch of pitchfork hating going on at facebook and wanted to distance myself from it. It's also made for a lot of awkward conversations with people I know and work with, as well as work clients.

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