Ask @The_LordDaNY:

напиши самые важные факты о себе?

1) I am student of Moscow aviation institute ✈️
2) I am 18 years old 🎭
3) I work in Decathlon
4) I found of bodybuilding
5) I prefer read books instead film.
6) I am fan of team Lakers
7) Snowboard and Longboard are my passion
8) I am ex- football player
9) Burden boy
10) NY is waiting for me

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Ты когда то отпускал ту что любишь? Она ушла от меня, но не из моего сердца

Yeah, she wasn’t happy in our relationship, but I need only that she always be with me . I wanted to do all the best for her, she was my motivation for all doings. Nowadays, I doing all the best for myself and I think that I become better in both plans: intellectual and material.

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Ты легко привязываешься к людям? Как научится так же легко от них отвязываться?

People... People always around us and we see them every day over 200 times . I used to lose people and make a new relationship . It’s just element at circle of life . It’s very simple to lose people, for me.

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