Ask @The_LordDaNY:

Привет, расскажи что ты делаешь если твоя симпатия к девушке невзаимна? надо как то ее внимание завоевать крч

Hi!Thank you for your question.You may find a little bit information about me slightly below. I have had only one girl in my life,I haven’t got any experience in this question,but I remember how it was with her.
I just write her everyday,tried to invite to walks. Made some presents for her. I thought that I couldn’t melt her heart,but
her sympathy was mine.I am sure of it.

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Привет! Ты веришь в чудеса? У тебя случалось что то подобное в жизни?

Hi!Yes,definitely yes!For me,miracle is love,music,loneliness,weather,sky and so on.Everyday we have our own miracle .My best miracle was when I met my first love.OMG,I was very happy when we were together and in those moments it was unbelievable.Every human have your own miracle

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Дай совет человеку, который сбился с пути

Hmm, maybe you need some time to find yourself...
When I lose myself i try to find answers and there are two things which can help you for the best. It’s books and music, but special books and music. Everybody has their own SPECIAL. Time always help in different situations when you can’t find the right way to solve your problems, just wait...

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