Ask @The_LordDaNY:

Есть ли книга которая тебя чему то научила? Если да то какая и чему ты научился?

Haha, today is day of interesting questions?
Yeah, recently I have read the book which name is “ Anger of angels” Sydney Sheldon.
It thought me a lot , a little bit simple to describe it in real communication, but I’ll try for you.
Now, I know about structure of mafia, how it works and the main idea of this organization. Moreover, how and why people do strange choices in difficult situation. How it feels when you lose the closest person in your life. How people can be successful there is only their brain without money and connections in society.
I advice you to read it necessarily!

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На что ты готов ради дружбы?

Thanks for interesting question, I really appreciate it.
I have never thought about it. I have been thinking for 10 minutes before answer and i now I have a an answer.
Friendship is important for modern society and it requires “sacrifice “ .
I can sense of priorities for my friend and donate something that he or she need .
It’s hard to answer on this question and I think that I asked not completely.

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С чего начать самосовершенствоваться?

It depends from your mind. You should choose what do you prefer: Improve your body or mind. It’s very important to improve both of this elements.
I started with my body, because sport is my life and this is what helps me to live . Later, I understand how important to work with your mind and soul. Change you views, thanks for books and films. Improve your knowledge in university or college or even in school.
Be the best version of yourself, EVERYDAY!

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