Virgil and Ein, you are both beautiful people and you deserve the best of girlfriends seriously. You are both incredibly Smexy. Just going to say this ^-^ hope that wasn't creepy

Ein: Can I take a picture of this and post it on instagram?
You know what I'm just gonna post it. ~Takes the pic of this beautiful message and posts it on Instagram~
Virgil: ~Grins~
Quinn: ~Sees the post~.................humph, oh please... ~Comments on it~
The_red_king: Lmao, cute did your bf send that to you? Bet he did.
Virgil: This guy...
Ein: Let me reply to him >_> this is war.
+7 answers in: “Nova's not hot, she's blushing because she finds it sweet that you guys care about her safety. But there's a jealous jester about so be careful.”

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