He’d nod “have a beautiful night, Sweet Mildred.. good luck in your hunts.” He’d say with a purr, he had no interest in her- though he noticed the slight interest in him- something that seemed to help. He’d then turn to walk back to the cabin, some more movement under his outfit as he entered.

Twitchy’s OC’s RP Ask box!!
Eva: ~Sighs in relief and I see your form enter back inside~ So, is that little nazi of a girl gone or what? ~I frown, while sweating slightly~
+27 answers in: “*in the dark of night a portal would open, the rims made of what seemed to be blood, then crawling out from it was a 11 foot tall male, his fingers oddly black... but every other feature of his pointed to him being a Serent... judging by those massive horns- a ancient one..*”