Heh anons, yes I like you two, you seem like good company, you haven't judged me for my appearance or halfbreed status like some people do. Not to mention you're both gentleman and it's a pleasure to be around you

Ein: Aww that's really sweet! ~Becomes a little embarrassed~ You know its funny, people are usually creeped out by us and our choice to um..look all ''dark''.
Virgil: ~Smiles at Nova happily~ I appreciate the compliment and of course. No one should just judge others for...being different. It sucks to be on that place in life. Tho, never allow people to get you down.
Ein: Yes!!! Keep your head lifted and smile! Spread those wings and fly to the sun!
Virgil: >_> She will get....burned alive if she does that.
Virgil: Oh, my bad. Fly to the moon better, its night time. Not hot and cooler.
Ein: <_______________<; (Thanks for making me look like an idiot yet again)
Virgil: -_-;;;
+7 answers in: “Nova's not hot, she's blushing because she finds it sweet that you guys care about her safety. But there's a jealous jester about so be careful.”