He’d tilt his head “Nazi of a girl?” He’d ask, then recalling the- basics of human history he knew- “oh, yes. She is gone. She believes this is my territory.” He’d say calmly to Eva, then leaning in “you’re all safe with me here with you,.” He’d say with a grin, getting quite close again.

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Eva: ~I gasp and look away almost immediately with a very redden expression across my face~..................Yeah, Nazi girl. Or do you not know who she is? Her aura feels similar to that of an Akeldama. Yet, she also feels like a Serant, which is the weirdest of all. That little punk is older than me, hard to believe but she is. Speculations goes around that she's likely part of Eleazar's line or group of Serants. Judging by her size, likely got it from him. Though, I would not know how they relate. I have encountered Eleazar before. ~Turns and shows you the horrible scars inflicted upon me~ He did this to me.
+27 answers in: “*in the dark of night a portal would open, the rims made of what seemed to be blood, then crawling out from it was a 11 foot tall male, his fingers oddly black... but every other feature of his pointed to him being a Serent... judging by those massive horns- a ancient one..*”