Kah! Nnnmmmph -whimpers, breathing heavily. Eyes rolling back-

Quinn: ~Laughs at your expression and stops~ You are something. Well, that's as far as I'll go. This is not Cumbra. ~Breaks the fourth wall~ Next time, I'll step on your genitals, that should really get you going, you freak. ~Chuckles more in amusement. Leans down and whispers into your ear carefully and ever so slowly~ 本当に使われるのが好きなんでしょ? あなたはそのマスターを探してかわいそうなマゾであるように、私には聞こえる、それはそれですか?あなたは本当にいたずらな小さな雌犬です ~Backs away and leaves~
Good bye now. ~Disappears~
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